Riverfront’s North Promenade and Expo Butterfly Open Tomorrow

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Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 4:11 p.m.

The new North Promenade in Riverfront Park will open tomorrow, along with the return of an Expo ’74 butterfly to mark the north gateway.

Ribbon Cutting for North Promenade and Expo Butterfly
Friday, May 3
10 A.M.
Mallon & Howard, across from the Arena

Butterfly facts

View the butterfly video (3:28)

  • The butterflies were designed for Expo ’74 by artist Eric Grohe
  • The Lilac Gate at Expo was located where the new north entrance to the park is today; it was marked by a lilac butterfly
  • The butterfly mast stands 50’ high, and the wings extend to about 60’
  • There are four wings covered in fabric panels; each panel is 20’ wide
  • The structure is designed to handle winds up to 110 mph

North Promenade

The North Promenade features a new gateway to Riverfront that has been underutilized. It offers enhanced lighting, and intuitive wayfinding with different style pavers that lead visitors to river views and points of interest.

The Central Promenade is anticipated to open in June, and will connect the south entrance at the Rotary Fountain with the new north entrance. Until then, visitors will use the North Promenade until they reach the blue bridge, then cross over snx? mene? island, and cross the south suspension bridge.