Park Board Approves The Seeking Place as New Art in Riverfront Park

Media: Fianna Dickson, 435.1866. Riverfront: 311 or 509.625.6600

Thursday, September 10, 2020 at 4:55 p.m.

SPOKANE – The Park Board today voted unanimously to approve The Seeking Place art piece by Sarah Thompson Moore of Coeur d’Alene for placement in Riverfront Park. It will be funded by the Riverfront Park Redevelopment bond approved by voters, as part of the 1% bond budget dedicated to public art in the park.

The Seeking Place is made of perforated anodized aluminum panels, with inspiration drawn from our region’s basalt outcroppings. The perforations form unique lighting and shadows that change throughout the day, and LED lights mounted along the top cast light downward and create a glow in the evening while also keeping it well lit at night. The proposed structure is roughly 40’ x 23’, and up to 12’ tall.

View additional images of The Seeking Place from Sarah Thompson Moore’s presentation to the Joint Arts Committee.

The Seeking Place will be the second bond-funded piece of new art in the revitalized park. Stepwell by artist Meejin Yoon, was selected as the “signature” art piece for the park’s redevelopment, and is slated to open in the spring on West Havermale Island.

The Seeking Place is tentatively anticipated for completion in summer 2021, with an exact location in the park to be determined.

The Park Board selected The Seeking Place based on a recommendation from the Joint Arts Committee (made up of Spokane Arts commissioners with art expertise and Park Board members), public feedback, and the Park Board’s knowledge of parks as volunteer community members.

Spokane Arts will continue to oversee the project. Additional background on this art piece can be found on the Parks website.