False Alarm Reduction Program (FARP)

The purpose of the False Alarm Reduction Program is to encourage burglar alarm users and alarm companies to properly use, install and maintain the operational effectiveness of alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of alarm systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms. A false alarm is a request to dispatch police to an alarm site when there is no evidence of a criminal offense or attempted criminal offense.

Cost recovery appeal process for a false alarm

The instructions on how to appeal a false alarm cost recovery fee are included in all invoices sent. A $25 appeal fee (which will be returned to you if your appeal is approved) must be included with your appeal letter in order for your appeal to be considered.

Cost recovery for a false alarm

The established cost recovery for police to respond to your false alarm is $85 for a home false alarm and $165 for a commercial false alarm. You will be sent an invoice at the address of the alarm to the name that your alarm company reported to us as the owner of the alarm system. Please follow the instructions on the invoice and pay this amount within 30 days to avoid additional late fees. If no payment is received within 90 days, you are subject to having police response to your alarm activations suspended.

How do I register my home or business alarm system?

A: If you believe that you may not be currently registered, please call 509.625.3501 Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to ask that registration paperwork be sent to you. You can also register your alarm system and pay fees online for the City of Spokane, Washington – Please call the FARP Customer Service Line at 509.625.3501 to have your user name/password set-up or to confirm your login information.

The annual registration for a home alarm system is $25 and for a commercial alarm it is $35. It is extremely important for all businesses and residential alarm systems to be registered with the City of Spokane's False Alarm Reduction Program. Alarm systems that are NOT registered with the program are no longer eligible for police response to your alarm activations.

At the time your alarm is sold to you or installed, the alarm company you are using must be familiar with these requirements and provide you with the information to get your alarm immediately registered. Your alarm monitoring company MUST be able to provide your registration number to 9-1-1 when they call in any alarm activation in order to be eligible for police response.

Contact Police

For in progress crimes and emergencies call 911

To report a non-emergent crime contact:

To provide crime activity or suspect information that doesn't require immediate action contact:

For general police email contact:

For nuisance reports, including code violations (i.e. illegal camping, substantial litter in yards or alleys, graffiti, land use violations), parking complaints, and road condition issues contact: