Repeat Offender with 22 Felony Convictions Arrested and Held in Jail on a $200,000 Bond

Monique Cotton, Public Information & Communication Director, 509.363.8285

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 5:18 p.m.

Spokane Police arrest Repeat Offender (ROP) Ryan P. Graham (41 years old) for 2nd Degree Identity Theft after he allegedly stole a wallet containing a debit card during a vehicle prowling and used the debit card to make purchases. Graham is a ROP with 22 felony convictions and 31 misdemeanor convictions. Graham appeared in court today and the court imposed a $200,000 bond.

Property Crime is down 7.4 percent when compared to last year. Part of SPD's strategy, in addition to the work of SPD's Patrol Anti-Crime Team, the Chronic Offender Unit, and diligent investigative follow-up, is to work with the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office to obtain higher bonds for individuals considered prolific offenders, highly likely to re-offend.

On 6/5/14, at approximately 8:15 p.m., Spokane Police received a report of a vehicle prowling that had occurred near Audubon Park. The victim reported that her parked car had been broken into and her wallet, containing her debit card had been stolen. Additionally, the debit card had been used at a local gas station.

Spokane Police Sgt. Eckersley followed up on the vehicle prowling report, obtained surveillance from the convenience store where the debit card was used, and was able to identify Ryan P. Graham as the suspect. Graham was located and arrested last night in the 3300 block of E. Grace, days after the alleged prowling.

Graham is a Repeat Offender (ROP) with 22 felony convictions (Assault, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Theft, Forgery, Residential Burglary, etc.) and 31 misdemeanor convictions (Obstructing, Driving with a Suspended License, Criminal Trespass, Theft, etc.).

Graham appeared in court today and the court imposed a $200,000 bond.

In addition to our efforts to continue to reduce property crime, the Spokane Police Department would like to remind citizens to keep vehicles locked and to keep valuables out of sight in unattended vehicles.

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