Telephone IRS Scam and Email Death Threat Scam in Spokane

Ofc. John O'Brien, PIO

Wednesday, December 20, 2017 at 1:25 p.m.

The Spokane Police Department and Crime Check have received reports of scams occurring in our community. Don’t be a victim to these ongoing fraudulent schemes.


The telephone IRS scam is a voicemail that threatens the recipient with a lawsuit against the recipient’s name and claims an arrest warrant has been issued. They request you immediately call them back to discuss the case file. A government agency does not leave a computer generated, generic threatening message. The phone number, (310) 616-5097, is NOT an official IRS phone number. If you ever have any doubt about the authenticity of an IRS phone call you can reach them at (844) 545-5640.

Attached is an audio recording of the IRS scam:


There has been at least one victim of the email death threat scam here in Spokane. The scammer’s goal is to prey on the victim’s fear by threatening to kill them unless a ransom is paid. They claim they will terminate the operation if the demands, a $10,000 payment, are met.

Here is the actual email language from our local incident:

“Someone ask me to kill you. For your information I am not sending this message with my email address and internet service provider just in case you want to proof smart and stubborn.. any ways I like someone like that! Because I will be so happy to put a bullet on your skull.. My boys have been watching your steps for few days. I am giving you a chance to live simply because my oracle show me that you dont have a hand in what you were accused of You are to pay me $10,000 and I shall terminate the operation, after that I will give you the info of the person that wants you dead. This is my last operation so I don’t have anything to lose if I reveal the sender. I have gotten all I wanted to start a new life reply or choose to ignore and get killed. This is not by force! You can call the authority and have them do patrol in your area 24/7 that didn’t stop me from hunting you and your love ones down. We are invisible!! Reply to this email address BOTH:<> <>”

An SPD detective googled one of the scammer’s email address and found this article.

If you receive either of these scams report them to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

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