Male in-custody after attempting to induce officer-involved shooting

Ofc N. Briggs #1177

Monday, July 9, 2018 at 12:14 a.m.

Male safely taken into custody after attempting to induce Officer-involved shooting.

On 07-08-18 a little after 5PM, SPD patrol officers were in the area of E 2nd Ave and S. Scott St on an unrelated call for service. An SPD patrol officer noticed an agitated adult male standing on the street corner paying close attention to the officers’ actions. The officer attempted to speak with the male and ensure he was okay, but before the officer could even exit his vehicle the male produced a revolver and held it to his own head demanding the officer shoot him.

The officer was able to position himself in such a way to protect the public and himself as he summoned additional resources and attempted to negotiate a peaceful resolution. The officer was able to convince the subject to drop the gun, however the male would not move away from the weapon as it remained on the ground near him.

After about ten minutes of negotiating officers were able to safely take the subject into custody without incident.

A realistic appearing replica firearm was recovered, as well as an extended folding knife the subject had also been brandishing.

These types of situations are extremely dangerous for the subjects involved, the responding officers, and the public. SPD officers routinely train in communication techniques as well as tactics to end these volatile incidents in as positive a manner as possible. In choosing a strategy to mitigate the risks, officers are constantly evaluating ways to detain the involved person while balancing the necessity for the safety of innocent bystanders to be paramount.

The adult male in this case will face criminal charges for display of a weapon apparently capable of producing bodily harm. The male will also be referred to mental health services in an attempt to address the root cause of the incident; the person’s desire to have police end his life. The existence of criminal charges potentially increases the chances of the person receiving long-term services through court mandates. In these situations the criminal justice system and the mental health system are both crucial in ensuring the person is held accountable for creating a very dangerous situation, as well as connecting the subject with the resources they need to better their life.

Due to the mental health aspect of this incident SPD will not publish the name of the person taken into custody.

If you or someone you know is battling thoughts of self-harm please seek assistance. One resource in Spokane is the 24-hour First Call for Help hotline at 509-838-4428.

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