Reckless Driver Barricaded In Vehicle

Sgt. Terry Preuninger, PIO

Monday, November 2, 2020 at 2:10 p.m.

SPD Officers have to block a vehicle with their cars to conduct a traffic stop on a reckless driver after he refuses to yield and pull over.   The stop was initiated when the driver passed the officer on the freeway at over 100 MPH, tailgating other cars and weaving in and out of traffic.  The license plate on the vehicle was homemade and said only “PRIVATE”.  The driver was eventually identified as a convicted felon who had been armed and dangerous on previous incidents.  

An SPD Officer currently assigned to one of the department Police Anti-Crime Teams (PACT) had just cleared a call and was heading to a detail when a car on I90 drove past him at over 100 mph.  The driver was tailgating other cars and dangerously weaving in and out of traffic.  Eventually the car exited the freeway and the officer and a second member of the SPD PACT were able to catch up to the reckless vehicle.   The license plate on the car was homemade and simply said “PRIVATE”.  The car had greatly reduced its speed but would still not yield to the officers.  Eventually the officers had to use their cars to pin the suspect vehicle in and ensure it would not continue to drive.  The car was stopped near Park and Valley way. 

The driver refused to exit his vehicle and more resources responded to assist the PACT members.  Officers attempted to de-escalate the situation and negotiated with the driver for over 30 minutes.  The driver gave no indication of cooperating at any level so eventually two different types of a “pepper agent, Oleoresin Capsicum” (commonly referred to as pepper spray or powder) were put into the vehicle. 

First pepper balls were fired into the car, (pepper balls are similar to paint balls but the projectiles contain pepper agent) and then when those did not work to gain compliance an expulsion (not explosive) device was used to insert the pepper agent into the car.  The driver reluctantly exited the car but he continued to be uncooperative and refused to follow commands so pepper balls were deployed again on him and were effective in gaining his compliance. He was taken into custody without further incident or any injury. 

Upon closer examination of the vehicle officers observed the following writing above and below the homemade license plate.  Above the plate were the words, “No driver’s license or insurance required”.  Below the plate was the statement, “Not for commerce use private mode of travel”. 

The driver was eventually identified as 50 year old David C Burns.  Burns is a convicted felon and has been armed and dangerous during previous incidents.  He was arrested and booked for reckless driving, obstructing, resisting and failure to stop.

SPD # 2020-20191447

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