Woman Watches Suspect Ransack Home Through Ring Camera

Ofc. John O'Brien, PIO

Tuesday, January 5, 2021 at 4:11 p.m.

Burglary victim who watched her home being ransacked via Ring camera calls police and helps identify suspect leading to his arrest.  SPD recovers and returns all stolen items.

On December 31, 2020 around 6:00AM SPD was dispatched to a report of a burglary near the 1800 block of W. Broadway Ave.  The complainant was not home and advised she was watching a male she didn’t recognize walking around inside her home on her Ring camera.

Officers arrived on scene and observed a male in the alley behind the residence putting items into a green backpack.  The suspect, later identified as Aaron Beebee (28), also had a rolled-up blanket that appeared to have items inside and a jewelry box on top of it.

Officers told Beebee to stand up and show them his hands.  Beebee looked to be searching for a direction to run, so officers took control of him and placed him in handcuffs.  Beebee told officers that he had just found the items in question. 

After talking with dispatch the officers were advised the male inside the house was wearing a green striped backpack.  This matched the description of the backpack that Beebee had been filling with items in the alley.  During this time the victim emailed a photo from her security camera to SPD showing the male in her house.  Beebee matched the picture, including the clothes he was wearing. Beebee was arrested, and during the search was found in possession of a baggie that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Officers spoke to the victim through her Ring doorbell camera and she identified all the property recovered from Beebee in the alley, which included several musical instruments.

Beebee was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for Residential Burglary, Theft 2D, and Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Through the use of the Ring cameras and services, the victim and SPD were able to gain greater insight into the incident and quickly resolve the situation. If you would like to sign up for Ring Neighborhoods you can visit the registration page or use the Ring app available on your preferred smartphone app store. Neighborhoods is a type of online neighborhood block watch. SPD monitors posts and can send alerts when seeking information about suspicious activity in your neighborhood.


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