Flaming Gas Can Thrown at Officer during a Felony Traffic Stop

Ofc. Stephen Anderson, PIO

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 at 1:32 p.m.

Suspect arrested after throwing a lit gas can engulfed in flames toward an officer during a felony traffic stop

On July 6, 2021 at approximately 8:00am, 911 received a phone call from Spokane Community College Campus Security regarding a vehicle which had been reported stolen out of Kootenai County two days earlier. The vehicle was located in the parking lot of the campus.

The vehicle was reported to be occupied by one male suspect, who left the location prior to SPD contacting him. Officers confirmed the vehicle stolen, and maintained a visual on the vehicle.

Just before 9:00am, the suspect returned to the vehicle and immediately drove out of the parking lot. An officer caught up to the stolen vehicle in the area of N. Regal Street and E. Mission Avenue.

The officer activated the emergency equipment in his vehicle to include flashing lights and siren. The suspect pulled over approximately mid-block on N. Regal Street. The officer exited his vehicle wearing his uniform which reads “POLICE” in clear bold white lettering across both the chest and back of the vest. The officer provided multiple loud audible commands for the driver to “put both hands out the window”.

After failing to comply with the officer’s commands the suspect remained in the vehicle, stuck a gas can out the window and ignited it just prior to throwing it at the officer.

The officer quickly reacted and was able to move out of the way, narrowly escaping serious injury while the suspect fled the vehicle on foot.

After a short foot pursuit, the officer caught up to the suspect and was punched numerous times while attempting to take the suspect into custody.

The suspect was identified as Saul Durkee (30 y/o). Durkee was charged with Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle, First Degree Assault, and First Degree Arson.

Body camera footage of the incident.

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