2020/2021 Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

2021 Comp Plan Amendment Map

What's Happening Now:

In October 2020, the City of Spokane accepted applications for proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. During that period the City received six applications for amendments to map LU-1, Land Use Plan Map. Staff anticipates one city-sponsored proposed amendments to maps TR-5, Proposed Bike Network Map. All proposed amendments are summarized in the following table:

File # General Location/Type Neighborhood Proposed Change
Z20-194COMP 120 N. Magnolia St. East Central;
Adjacent to Chief Garry Park
"Light Industrial"
to "CC Core"
Z20-195COMP 6211 S. Meadow Lane Rd. Latah/Hangman New Center Designation
and related map changes
Z20-196COMP S. Freya St. & Palouse Highway Southgate "Residential 4-10"
to "Residential 15-30"
Z20-206COMP 155 E. Cleveland Ave. Logan;
Near Nevada Heights,
North Hill, Emerson/Garfield
"Residential 4-10"
to "Residential 15-30"
Z20-207COMP 1015 W. Montgomery Ave. Emerson/Garfield "Residential 4-10"
to "General Commercial"
Z20-208COMP 1022 & 1028 W. Sinto Ave. West Central;
near Emerson/Garfield
"Residential 10-20"
to "Residential 15+"
Z20-209COMP 1025 W. Spofford Ave. West Central;
Near Emerson/Garfield
"Residential 10-20"
to "CC Core"
Z21-022COMP Map TR-5
Proposed Bike Network Map
Citywide Amendments to the
Proposed Bike Network

The Docketing subcommittee of the City Council met on February 17th to discuss the various applications described above and to form a recommendation to the City Council as to which should be considered fully this year.  This recommendation can be found in the official Docketing Committee Findings.

The City Council is currently preparing to consider a Resolution setting the docket for this year, selecting which of the above applications will be accepted for full processing throughout the year.  Information regarding that hearing will be posted here when it is available.  In the meantime, the public is encouraged to review the Findings of the Docketing Committee and the general information packet provided here.

Written comments will be accepted by the City Council regarding which applications should be considered.  Those wishing to provide written comments should either email them to kfreibott@spokanecity.org or send by postal service to the following address:

Kevin Freibott
Planning and Economic Development Department
City of Spokane
808 W Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA  99201


The City of Spokane accepts applications to amend the text or maps in the Comprehensive Plan between September 1 and October 31 of each year, per SMC 17G.020. All complete applications received will be reviewed by a city council subcommittee and those placed on the Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Work Program for the City of Spokane will begin full review early in the calendar year. Anyone may make a proposal to amend the City's Comprehensive Plan.

The City of Spokane's Comprehensive Plan addresses many facets of city life, including land use, transportation, capital facilities, housing, economic development, natural environment and parks, neighborhoods, social health, urban design, historic preservation, and leadership. The City of Spokane is committed to conducting an annual process to consider amendments to the comprehensive plan. The GMA specifies that amendments to a comprehensive plan cannot be made more frequently than once per year. The purpose for this is two-fold: it gives the plan stability over time, avoiding spontaneous changes in response to development pressures, and it groups all proposed amendments in a common process for consideration, providing the opportunity to examine their collective effects on the plan.

Following review by City Council, who sets the Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendment Work Program, Plan Commission consideration of each amendment proposal on the Work Program will be conducted at public workshops held during the public comment period, typically in the summer. Applicants will be afforded the opportunity to address the Plan Commission during the workshop regarding their application. The City Council considers the amendment proposals, staff report, and Plan Commission's amendment recommendations within the context of its budget discussions, and acts on the amendment proposals prior to or at the same time as it adopts the City budget, usually late fall. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Comprehensive Plan Amendment process, please contact Kevin Freibott at kfreibott@spokanecity.org or by phone at 509.625.6184.

Contact Information

City of Spokane
Department of Neighborhood and Planning Services
808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Spokane, WA 99201

Tirrell Black
Principal Planner

Kevin Freibott
Assistant Planner II

Kara Frashefski
Assistant Planner I