Cleveland Avenue Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Z20-206COMP Map

Application Number: Z20-206COMP

Address: 155 E Cleveland Ave (additional properties added by Plan Commission)

Parcels: 35082.0919 (see below for additional affected parcels)

Size: 6.8 acres (6.0 acres added by Plan Commission)

Location: NE of E Clevland Ave and N Mayfair St

Neighborhoods: Logan

Proposed Amendments: Land Use Plan Map Designation and Zoning Designation

Land Use Change: "Residential 4-10" to "Residential 15"

Zoning Change: "Residential Single-Family" to "Residential"

What's Happening Now

The Spokane Plan Commission held substantive workshops discussing this proposal on July 14 and August 11, 2021. During the August 11 meeting the Plan Commission voted to recommend the following amendments to the proposal:

  • Expand to the west and east, incorporating 32 additional parcels;
  • Increase the proposed Land Use Map Designation to Residential 15+; and
  • Increase the proposed Zoning to Residential High-Density.

The parcels added to the proposal by the Plan Commission are shown in the updated maps below. For a complete list of all affected parcels, please contact Kevin Freibott at

Accordingly, the proposal is now considered to be a two part, private/City application concerning 33 parcels and potentially affecting an area of 6.8 acres total. Maps linked below have be updated concerning the proposed change by the Plan Commission. Furthermore, the 14-day Agency Comment Period will soon be circulated a second time, asking for comments on the modified proposal.


Lindsay Kornegay, Witherspoon Kelley


A proposed amendment to Chapter 3, Map LU-1, Land Use Plan Map Amendment and a concurrent amendment to the City of Spokane Official Zoning Map. This project is a combined private/City application for a 2020/2021 Comprehensive Plan Land Use Amendment.

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