Bicycle Master Plan

Spokane's Bicycle Master Plan creates a vision for enhancing bicycling opportunities for all residents of Spokane. This plan proposes a bicycle network that will guide people of all ages and abilities safely throughout Spokane by bicycle. The recommendations and actions proposed in this plan support bicycling as a viable mode of transportation for all. For more information, see the links below.

Bicycle Master Plan (PDF 4.2 MB)

Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Explorer

To explore more data related to bicycling throughout the City's bicycle network, please visit the Bike and Pedestrian Data Tool below. This resource provides additional information about the City's bicycle, roadway and trail network including slope, traffic signal locations, pedestrian light locations, and Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS):

To learn more about the City of Spokane Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress (LTS), a measure that assesses the level of comfort to bicycle on various City streets, please visit the Online Story Map.

Contact Information

Colin Quinn-Hurst
Planning and Development Services

Inga Note
Integrated Capital Management

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Request a Bike Rack

Spokane businesses can request a bike rack for installation, subject to available space. For more information, email