Bicycle and Pedestrian Resources

The City of Spokane is becoming a place where bicycling and walking are an integral part of daily travel for more people of all ages and abilities. To learn more about the ways that the City of Spokane is working to become a safer, more enjoyable place to travel, visit any one of the following links.


Bicycle Master Plan

Learn how the City of Spokane plans to make cycling a viable means of transportation and recreation for people of all ability levels through the Bicycle Master Plan. Visitors can also learn about the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Explorer, which contains data about traffic light locations, road slope and more.

Pedestrian Master Plan

Learn how the City of Spokane plans to increase walkability and safety while completing the sidewalk network through the Pedestrian Master Plan.

WheelShare Program

Learn about Spokane’s WheelShare Program, which is run by Lime and allows electric scooters and bikes to be checked out throughout the city.

Bike Parking Program

Find bike parking downtown or request bike parking in any public area in Spokane through the City’s Bike Parking Program.

Bicycle Advisory Board

Learn more about the Bicycle Advisory Board, which advises City Council and raises public awareness for issues related to cycling.

Bike Lane Maintenance

Request bike lane maintenance (a request for City Services, including those related to bicycles and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure) through MySpokane 311.

Bike Registration

Register your bike with the City to make it easier for City Services or the police to recover if it is stolen.

Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program

The Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program aims to make city neighborhoods more livable and safe for all users. Using funding from Red Light cameras, the program installs primarily physical features that encourage motor vehicles to alter their speed or direction of travel to improve street safety.

Current Projects

Browse information on current bicycle and pedestrian projects: