Spokane Bikeshare

The City of Spokane embarked on a pilot to test bikeshare in the fall of 2017. The pilot ran for 74 days, and included dockless bikes, e-bikes and e-scooters, as provided by Lime. The pilot focused on using the bikes and scooters in the downtown area, and nearly 150,000 trips were taken during time from September 4th through November 16th!

The pilot was accompanied by a study undertaken by Toole Design. Toole analyzed and reported on the functionality of bikeshare or "shared mobility" in the City of Spokane. Part of their study included an online survey that asked citizen opinions about shared mobility. Nearly 3,500 people filled out the survey, including both those who used shared mobility and those who did not. The majority of survey respondents felt that shared mobility was good for the community. More information about shared mobility in Spokane can be found in Toole's report.

Testing of shared mobility in our city highlighted several ways that the program would benefit our citizens, and also shed light on some ways that the city will need to continue improving for shared mobility to continue. The popularity of shared mobility during the pilot phase, and the continued interest in this new transportation option has spurred further program development. Please refer to the Shared Mobility page for further information.

Contact Information


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