Pavement Ratings

Understanding Pavement Ratings


Streets are rated on a scale from 0 to 100 using a "pavement condition index" (PCI). New streets begin at a PCI of 100 and gradually deteriorate over time. Often times "fair" streets can become "good" streets again with routine maintenance, as illustrated by the graph to the right. Eventually maintenance becomes ineffective and reconstruction is in order.

PCI Breakpoints

  • 60-100 – Good – Preventive Maint.
  • 40-60 – Fair – Rehabilitation
  • 20-40 – Poor – Reconstruction/Rehab.
  • 0-20 – Failed – Reconstruction

Good – PCI of 60 to 100


This street segment has had some crack sealing done to prevent water infiltration. Having no other faults, it still qualifies for a good rating.

Fair – PCI of 40 to 60


Although this street exhibits quite a bit of unsealed cracking, it still has an overall fairly smooth ride.

Poor – PCI of less than 40


This street segment has a rough ride due to cracking and rutting (difficult to see in the picture). Previous patches are beginning to fail.