Citizen's Transportation Advisory Board

Authorized by and Date: Authorized by Ordinance No. C-34648 on October 11, 2010.

Mission Statement/Purpose: In order assist the Transportation Benefit District (TBD) to fulfill the purpose and goals of state law and Ordinance No. C-34648, the TBD governing board established a Citizen's Transportation Advisory Board (CTAB) as per resolution 2010-0002. The TBD Board recognizes that successful implementation of the City's TBD requires transparency and accountability regarding the revenue generated by the vehicle tab fee as well as the projects on which these funds are spent.

The CTAB is responsible for the review of transportation projects under consideration for TBD funding. More specifically, CTAB volunteers will review projects identified in the City's 2018-2023 Pavement Maintenance Program and the Pedestrian Program of the City's 2018-2023 six-year comprehensive streets program for consistency with the parameters established by Ordinance No. C-34648 and codified in Chapter 8.16 SMC. CTAB members will recommend prioritization and funding of transportation projects in order to ensure that the citizens of Spokane receive full value for their TBD investment.

Meeting date, time and location: For more information regarding CTAB meetings - including meeting agendas and minutes please contact the TBD Administrator.

Members Representing Term Expiration
Randy McGlenn, Chair PeTT 11/11/2021
  District 1  
  District 2 11/11/2021
  District 3 11/11/2022
  Member at Large 11/11/2021
Cliff Winger PCTS 11/11/2021
Grant Shipley BAB 11/11/2021
Hayley Harrison HRC  

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Shauna Harshman
TBD Administrator
City Council Manager of Neighborhood Connectivity Initiatives

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