Construction Standards Code Clean-up


City of Spokane Development Services Center is the lead on proposed amendments to the SMC. The Proposal specifically amends Spokane Municipal Code (SMC): Chapter 08.02 Fees and Charges, Article III. Building and Construction Permits, Section 08.02.031(B) Building Code Fees and Charges – Valuation; Section 10.29.030 Heating Mechanics – License; Chapter 11.19 Zoning Code, Article VII. Administration and Procedure, Sections 11.19.720 Building Official; Section 17C.110.230 Fences related to enclosures for pools and hot tubs; 17F including: the National Board Inspector Code (pressure vessel code – 17F.030.010), Building (IBC, IRC, international Energy Conservation Code – 17F.040.010), Electrical (17F.050.010), Mechanical (17F.090.010), and Pluming codes (17F.100.010); Section 17F.040.010 to include specific adoption of Appendix Q: Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinkler Systems, WAC 51-51-60105; 17F.060.040 Elevator Code – Requirements; 17F.060.060 Elevator Code – Dangerous Conveyances; and, 17G.010.200 Application for Worker's License.

Amendments are intended to remove references to outdated construction standards, administration, processes, licenses, and fees and to ensure that as new editions of construction-related standards adopted at the state level appropriately referenced in the City’s municipal code among other code clean-up items. Amendments also provided that the City's Building Official review all proposed amendments to 17F – Construction Standards – prior to review and/or approval by other recommending or decision making bodies within the City of Spokane.

Legislative Process

A briefing before the City Community Safety and Pubic Health Committee is tentatively scheduled for February 2, 2020. Public testimony will not be taken at this committee meeting; however, amendments to the Spokane Municipal Code will proceed through the regular City Council Adoption process which includes opportunities for public comment and testimony. Please note that a hearing regarding these amendments have not yet been scheduled, but is anticipated for winter 2020.

Should you have questions or concerns or wish to enter comment into the public record prior to the public hearing, please submit your comments regarding these proposed actions to Dermott Murphy at:

Development Services Center
Attn: Dermott Murphy, City of Spokane Building Official
808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201-3329

Proposed Amendments

Other Helpful Links - Current Codes

  • 08.02.031 Building and Construction Permits, building Code, Building Permit Fees & Charges
  • 10.29.030 Contractors and Workers, Heating Mechanics License
  • 11.19.720 Administration and Procedure, Building Official
  • 17F.030.010 Boiler & Pressure Vessels, Adoption of Standard Codes
  • 17F.040.010 Adoption of Building Codes and Related WA State Codes
  • 17F.050.010 Adoption of National Electrical Code
  • 17F.060.040 Elevator Code, Requirements
  • 17F.060.060 Elevator Code, Dangerous Conveyances
  • 17F.090.010 Adoption of the International Mechanical Code
  • 17F.100.010 Adoption of Uniform Plumbing Code
  • 17G.010.200 Building and Construction Permits, Application for Worker's License

Contact Information

Development Services Center
Dermott Murphy
808 West Spokane Falls Boulevard
Spokane, WA 99201-3329