Shared Mobility

Spokane Shared Mobility

The City of Spokane is developing a Shared Mobility program that will make available rental bikes and scooters throughout the city. A pilot program in the fall of 2018, and an associated public survey provided a basis for this program. The pilot program gave Spokane citizens an opportunity to try the phone application-based rental bikes and scooters. Feedback from the pilot has given City Staff information about what worked great, and what improvements would be needed to allow shared mobility to function well.

During the pilot between September 4th and November 16th, 2018; the Lime bikes and scooters were used throughout the City. Over 148,000 rides were taken, with the majority (over 108,000) of these trips on electric scooters. The most popular days for use were Friday through Sunday, but weekday trips did not fall far behind.

Many citizens provided feedback through an online survey during the pilot period, including those who used the system and those who did not. In all, 3,476 responses were collected during the pilot, with 64% of these being people who used the bikes and/or scooters and 36% who did not. When asked whether they thought shared mobility was good for Spokane; 95% of users and 59% of non-users felt it was. More information about the survey and recommendations for bikeshare in Spokane can be found in a consultant report.

Next Steps

With the positive outcomes and response during the shared mobility pilot, the City is preparing to allow shared mobility to become a more permanent program. In order to do so, there are necessary updates within the municipal code. There are also operational permit requirements under development that will define how shared mobility operators work in Spokane.

A stakeholder policy group has been working since November to evaluate the city ordinances for helmets and motorized scooters to advise changes that will allow positive operation of shared mobility. The stakeholders met 5 times over three months. Stakeholders included representatives from City Planning and Engineering, Parks, Police, the Regional Health District, Spokane Transit, Business and Community leaders, Friends of the Centennial Trail, and the City Council.

The City Council is presently reviewing proposed ordinance amendments that will:

  • Allow application-based rental programs to promote helmet use through education, advertisement, and/or reduced fares instead of the requirement to directly provide a helmet with every rental transaction.
  • Allow motorized scooters to operate downtown, but restricting them from sidewalk use. Adjustments to roadway use requirements will allow motorized scooters to operate in the downtown roadways and bicycle lanes.
  • Allow motorized scooter users to wear a bicycle helmet, as opposed to a motorcycle helmet.

These changes will be reviewed and taken to City Council hearing early this spring. A request for proposals from shared mobility operators will then help the city to select the most appropriate operator and re-start shared mobility.


For general bike share program questions, please contact Kevin Picanco 509.625.6088 or Brandon Blankenagel 509.625.6419 or email us at:

Provide Input

We appreciate the input that has been shared thus far for this new transportation system. The feedback has shaped the program development and has led to the ordinance amendments. Further changes are likely to come about, as the shared mobility industry continues to evolve. Watch the City Council agendas in March to track the process of ordinance amendments, and to find further opportunities to participate.

If you would like to receive project updates, please provide us your email address by contacting us at

Contact Information

Kevin Picanco: 509.625.6088

Brandon Blankenagel: 509.625.6419