Wastewater Conservation Credit Program

The City of Spokane created a wastewater bill credit for residential customers who use less indoor water during the months of November through March. The purpose is to provide an incentive for reduced water usage and decrease monthly bills. Before the program, all wastewater customers were charged the same amount regardless of wastewater generated from each residence.

Under this program, water usage is reviewed annually to identify residential property owners who used the lowest 20 percent of water. This review is to qualify or re-qualify customers for a total credit of $60 that is distributed over 12 equal amounts of $5 on each monthly bill.

To qualify, indoor water usage must be between 1 to 11 units (748 to 8,228 gallons) for November through March of the prior year. The winter months are when most indoor water usage occurs that reaches the City Riverside Park Water Reclamation Facility to be treated. Water use will be recalculated annually, and customers who receive the credit may be different from year to year.

Customers can take steps this winter to reduce their indoor water usage and possibly qualify for the discount in the future. Customers can find information on indoor water-saving products and tips on the City's website and on the Environmental Protection Agency's site.

The credit program fits with the City's goals of providing utility customers with affordable and predictable rates. The Council's rate-setting principles include: simplicity and transparency, stability, sustainability, and equity and affordability.

The program also benefits the City's Water Wastewater Utility:

  • Reducing flows to the City's wastewater treatment plant lowers annual operating costs and, over time, allows the City to accommodate growth without increasing the size of its wastewater collection and treatment systems.
  • Reducing indoor water usage also will help the City achieve its water use efficiency goals. In April 2014, the City Council approved new water use efficiency goals, including a goal of 0.5 percent reductions in indoor residential water use annually.

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