The National Weather Service has announced an extreme heat advisory for the City of Spokane. If you are currently without water service, please contact us at 3-1-1 or 509.755.2489 to discuss restoring your services.

Water Efficiency Check-Ups

Broken Sprinkler

A FREE efficiency check-up is a great way to learn about how your household uses water, pinpoint leaks, and identify where you might be able to trim your budget.

  • In-depth assessment of your home’s water consumption.
  • Leak detection.
  • Recommendations to increase your home’s potential for saving water and money.
  • Water saving freebies: Aerators, leak dye tablets, toilet water displacement bag, and showerheads.

Irrigation Inspections (30 minutes to 1 hour)

Irrigation Inspection

We’ll do a top to bottom inspection to make sure your sprinklers are operating efficiently and free from leaks and breaks.

  • Create a personal water budget.
  • Determine your landscape’s water needs.
  • Complete irrigation assessment for damages, leaks, and adjustments.
  • Provide a personal irrigation schedule and help program your controller.

Irrigation Controller Adjustments (15 minutes)

Controller Adjustments

Let us take the guess work out, and make sure your green grass is done right and you’re following the City’s Watering Rules.

  • Adjust and program your controller.
  • Personal irrigation program that minimizes unnecessary watering.
  • Troubleshooting guidance and support.
  • Recommend controllers and upgrades.

Indoor Leak Detection (30 minutes)

Indoor Leak Detection

Stay ahead of water damage and avoid costly leaks with our leak detection program.

  • Review historic consumption and separate indoor and outdoor usage.
  • Inspect all water-using fixtures and appliances, such as sinks, toilets, water softeners, etc.
  • Recommend upgrades and document any repairs needed.

Scheduling your Appointment

Appointments are available Monday-Friday 8am-3pm. If you have any questions, contact Will Rettig at or call 509.625.7972.