Water Efficiency Check-Ups

Water Consultation

Notice your faucet or shower dripping? Do you hear your toilet tank continuously filling long after someone used it? While these may seem like minor issues, small leaks have the potential to become expensive fixes and waste tens of thousands of gallons of water if left undetected.

Saving water and money doesn't have to be difficult. Sign up for our free efficiency check-up and start your Water Wise journey today! Consultations take 30 minutes to an hour and are conducted by one of our trained technicians. Staff will review your water use history with you, investigate leaks, and survey your home's water efficiency potential.

What to Expect During Your Check-Up

Residential Water Consultation Infographic
  • In-depth assessment of your home's water consumption.
  • Visual check for leaks.
  • Recommendations to increase your home's potential for saving water and money.
  • Water saving freebies: Aerators, leak dye tablets, toilet water displacement bag, and showerheads.

Sprinkler System Check-Ups (April - October)

Sprinkler System Check-up
  • Review outdoor water use patterns and local weather data to determine the water needs of the landscape.
  • Evaluate each zone in your system to determine efficiency.
  • Visual leak check.
  • Provide a recommended irrigation schedule for your controller.
Water Meter Graphic

How to Prepare for your Check-Up

  • Perform an initial review of your home and list the existing areas of concern.
  • Make sure your water meter, fixtures and appliances are easily accessible and clear to inspect.
  • Complete this form to request your consultation today!

Scheduling your Appointment

Appointments are available Monday-Friday 8am-3pm. If you have any questions, contact Will Rettig at wrettig@spokanecity.org or call 509.625.7972.