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Water Efficiency for Commercial Properties

Water Efficiency Site Review

Facility water use demands large amounts of energy to pump, treat, heat and cool the water used every day. Studies have shown as much as 50% of water use in commercial properties is unnecessary.
That's why the City of Spokane Water Department has partnered with Mimir Water to provide FREE site reviews to help minimize the financial and environmental cost of water waste across their properties. Appointments are limited, enroll today!

Here's How it Works

Water Efficiency Assessment Example Report

Example efficiency report provided to customers

  • QUALIFY: City of Spokane commercial water customers eager to reduce water waste can enroll for zero cost!
  • SITE REVIEW: Mimir Water Efficiency Specialists gather site information and meet with facility staff to conduct the assessment.
  • RECEIVE EFFICIENCY RECOMMENDATIONS: One to two-page analysis with the essentials:
    • Equipment Repairs
    • Simple Adjustments
    • Projects with Payback
  • IMPLEMENTATION-TO-COMPLETION: Team will provide ongoing support, management tools and troubleshooting of future efficiency projects.

What Does a Site Review Entail?

Your expert consultant (Mimir Water) will take a deep dive into irrigation systems, cooling and other building water use. They will:

Site Review
  • Evaluate the mechanical and operational efficiency of irrigation systems, cooling and building applications.
  • Diagnose equipment problems of common commercial water end uses.
  • Communicate with service providers and verify operational performance.
  • Integrate water efficiency strategies into daily operational routines.
  • Provide technical support to facility staff in the organization.
  • Create irrigation water budgets based on property characteristics.
  • Identify advanced measurement and rebate opportunities.

Commercial Rebate Opportunities

Whether you're participating in the consultation or not, we have commercial property specific rebates to enhance your water efficiency portfolio.

  • Smart Irrigation Controllers

    Up to $500 credit

  • SpokaneScape

    Up to $2,500 credit

  • Rotary Nozzles

    Up to $200 credit

  • Cooling Controllers

    Up to $695 credit

  • Smart Water Monitors

    Up to $695 credit

  • Toilets/Urinals

    Up to $100 credit per fixture


MIMIR WATER - Contact Annikki Chamberlain at or 928.910.0149
CITY OF SPOKANE - Contact Kristen Zimmer at

Scheduling your Appointment

A limited number of appointments are available, sign up for your Commercial Consultation today! Contact Annikki Chamberlain at or call 928.910.0149.