Public Events

All public events are required to complete a Special Event Permit Application, which includes a $50 processing fee. It may take up to 20 days after the receipt of your application to determine if your event will be approved. A Riverfront Park event manager will assist you through the process.

Steps to Booking a Public Event

Step 1: Check venue date availability by calling 509.625.6600 (Option 4) or by sending an email to our events team at

Step 2: Complete a Special Event Permit

Step 3: Submit an Event Inquiry Form

Step 4: Prepare the following information and submit to Amy Lindsey at

  1. Certificate of Insurance (COI): $1 million in coverage with the City of Spokane named as the certificate holder. See attached SAMPLE COI (PDF 54 KB)
  2. Prepare an event site map showing vendor booth and other event activity locations. Various venue site map templates can be downloaded below.
  3. List of vendors and contact information
  4. Determine waste management needs based upon size of event & number of food vendors. Our event management team can help determine the appropriate number of waste receptacles and waste removal plans.
  5. Determine power needs a number of porta potties (if applicable)
  6. List of Vendors: Supply a list of event vendors. Event vendors must comply with Riverfront Park Qualified Vendor Program (QVP)

Step 4: Schedule a site walk through with Riverfront Park event manager.

Step 5: A draft contract (Riverfront Park Use Agreement) and event proposal (if applicable) will be provided by Riverfront Park. At this time, venue and security deposits will also be collected.

Step 6: Have a wonderful event!

Have a booking question? Call 509.625.6600 (Option 4) or email us at

Site Maps