Notice: Construction is ongoing in Riverfront Park and may impact some bicycle and pedestrian routes. Before you visit, please see the latest construction map for the best routes around redevelopment zones. Some attractions are currently unavailable due to redevelopment.

Vendor Information

RFP Event

Events and event vendors are an integral part of making Riverfront Park an exciting and engaging destination.

Event vendors wishing to operate in Riverfront Park must be approved and placed on the “Qualified Vendor List” which is reviewed on an annual basis. Vendors are responsible for using Riverfront Park grounds and facilities in accordance with the criteria described in the Qualified Vendor Program.

Qualified Vendor Program

The Qualified Vendor Program was created to ensure Riverfront Park (RFP) event organizers and vendors understand and adhere to Riverfront Park's Terms and Conditions for Public and Private Events, hold an active City of Spokane business license and associated health permits where applicable, and possess the required insurance.

To become a qualified vendor, please read the Qualified Vendor Program Packet and complete the Qualified Vendor Form below.

North Bank Food & Beverage Vending Opportunities

Interested in providing food and beverage services at Riverfront’s new Ice Age Floods Playground, Skate & Wheels Park and Hooptown USA Courts?

The Riverfront Spokane North Bank food service program will support a variety of local food trucks, restaurants and catering providers allowing vending opportunities at Riverfront's new North Bank, which includes the new Ice Age Floods Playground, Skate and Wheels Park and Hooptown USA courts. The program will provide a regular rotation of local food and beverage options every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Additional timeframes will be evaluated, and potentially extended, after the first few months of the program.

  1. Program Format: Vending opportunities will be provided three (3) days per week (Friday – Sunday) and will be scheduled six (6) weeks in advance. Other days of the week can be accommodated.
  2. Vending Hours: 11am – 8:00pm or dusk, whichever is earlier (4 hour timeframe minimum)
  3. Food Service Vending Location: Central Promenade (near Butterfly)
  4. Commission: 10% (payable on a monthly basis)
  5. No-show Fee: $100
  6. Format: One (1) meal truck, one (1) dessert truck

Participant Requirements

  • Participants must be members of Riverfront Spokane's Qualified Vendor Program (QVP)
  • Must have a current Spokane Business license endorsement
  • Must have a current Certificate of Insurance on file
  • Any beverages sold onsite must be Swire Coca-Cola products and purchased though Riverfront Spokane beverage ordering form.

Next Steps

  1. Complete the North Bank Food Service Vendor Inquiry Form
  2. An event specialist will reach out to you to within 72 hours to discuss scheduling, reporting and beverage purchasing process.

Swire Coca-Cola Beverage Purchasing Program

All Riverfront Spokane event organizers and vendors must adhere to Riverfront's beverage guidelines and purchase Swire Coca-Cola products directly though Riverfront Spokane.


Lori Maher
Event & Group Rental Manager

Matt Russell
Event & Group Rental Manager