Spokane's Got Talent

Spokane's Got Talent

Hosted by: Spokane Civic Theatre and Alder Dance Music Productions

2024 Date

Thursday, June 20


6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.


Spokane Pavilion




This special family-friendly edition of the talent showcase promises to immerse audiences in the funky vibes and iconic styles of the 70's era. A panel of esteemed judges from Spokane's entertainment industry will provide feedback and crown the winners, who will earn prizes. Audiences can anticipate an evening filled with dazzling performances, retro flair, and infectious energy, suitable for the whole family. Get ready to boogie down memory lane as Spokane brings back the spirit of the 70s with “Spokane's Got Talent '74 Edition.”


Lorenda Rae - from Shine FM, will be the host for Spokane's Got Talent. With a rich background in radio broadcasting and a love for the performing arts, Lorenda is known for her quick wit, infectious charm, and deep commitment to community service. Her natural stage presence and enthusiasm promise to make this season engaging and memorable.


Molly Allen: Molly Allen is a beloved radio personality and community advocate. Known for her witty humor and infectious energy, Molly has been a staple in Spokane's entertainment scene for years. With her extensive experience in broadcasting and her deep connection to the community, she brings a warm and encouraging presence to the judging panel.

Peter Rivera: Peter Rivera is a legendary musician, best known as the drummer and lead vocalist of the iconic band Rare Earth. With a career spanning over five decades, Peter's deep knowledge of music and performance makes him an invaluable asset to Spokane's Got Talent. His keen ear and seasoned perspective will undoubtedly help uncover the next big star.

Donnie Emerson: Donnie Emerson is a musical prodigy and the subject of the acclaimed documentary "Dreamin' Wild." His journey from a rural farm to the spotlight is an inspiring testament to perseverance and passion. As a judge, Donnie offers a unique insight into the challenges and triumphs of pursuing a career in music, making him a source of inspiration for all contestants.

Kiantha Duncan: Kiantha Duncan is a dynamic leader, speaker, and advocate dedicated to empowering communities. Her work in fostering diversity and inclusion, along with her motivational speaking, brings a fresh and inclusive perspective to the judging panel. Kiantha's eye for talent and her commitment to uplifting others will play a crucial role in this season's search for Spokane's finest talents.


  • Zaq Bell
  • Dakotah Starheart Andrews
  • Hannah Boundy
  • Lyv Babinski
  • The Deane and The Machine
  • Kalla Mort
  • Rusty Jackson
  • Pinoy Rhythmic Duo
  • Five Oh
  • Lara James
  • Copernicus the Alchemist & T. Dodger
  • OutWest
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Singing Swoboda Sisters
  • Steffi Roche
  • Tyler Martines Jr.
  • Julie Huber
  • Landon Johnson
  • Olga Loktev
  • Daniel Hall
  • Brian Daniels
  • Ying Vigilan
  • The Mountain Dew Boys
  • Christopher Lee Anderson
  • Inez Rahman
  • Helmer Noel
  • Wasted Genius

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