Salary Review Commission

The Salary Review Commission (SRC) is charged with reviewing and establishing the salaries of the Spokane Mayor, Council President, and City Council Members pursuant to Chapter 2.05 of the Spokane Municipal Code.

The SRC is a separate, independent Commission with the goal of basing salaries on realistic standards according to the duties of the elected office to attract citizens of the highest quality to public service. Any decision to increase elected officials' salaries is effective on the first pay period of the year following the Commission's decision. Decreases are effective at the commencement of the elected official's next subsequent term.

The SRC is required to meet to review the salary schedules of the elected officials during even numbered years and may meet more frequently on its own initiative or by motion of the City Council. The decision of the SRC regarding the salaries of the elected officials shall be filed by the Commission with the City Clerk by May 31st.

The SRC solicits information regarding the elected officials' duties and responsibilities. They utilize best-practice methodology for determining the elected official's salary giving consideration to data and other information gathered by the City's Human Resources Department and presented to the commission. Other considerations will include cost of living adjustments (COLA), including the COLA provided by the City to the Managerial and Professional Association in its collective bargaining agreement.

Commissioners can serve a maximum of two four-year terms. Three Commission members will have experience in the field of personnel management, or a demonstrated knowledge in the administration of compensation and benefits. Two Commission members will have experience in finance, business management, or other related fields that demonstrate experience beneficial to the review of total compensation and establishment of salary.

Commission Current Commissioner Term Start Term End
At-large Lori Kinnear, Chair 2/12/2024 2/12/2028
At-large Lee Taylor, Vice Chair 2/12/2024 2/12/2028
At-large Dycelia Weiss 2/12/2024 2/12/2028
At-large Carl Reed Jessen 1/1/2023 1/1/2027
At-large Linda McDermott 1/1/2022 1/1/2026

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