Tourism and Cultural Investment Committee

Authorized by and Date: Pursuant to RCW 67.28.1817.

Mission Statement/Purpose: The Spokane Tourism and Cultural Investment Grants Committee reviews, comments, and makes recommendations to the City Council on any proposal to increase the rate of the lodging tax, repeal an exemption from the lodging tax, or change the use of revenue received from the lodging tax as required as in RCW 67.28.1817.

Tourism and Cultural Investment Grants

The Spokane Tourism and Cultural Investment grants are aimed at enhancing Spokane's tourism and cultural environment. Organizations, including non-profit agencies, for-profit agencies, and public agencies, can apply for these grants to fund projects, programs, events, and public or non-profit facilities that promote tourism and cultural investment.

Projects that receive funds should promote cultural diversity, support various forms of cultural investment, and create new opportunities for tourism and cultural enrichment. Cultural activities can include sports, arts, street/park festivals, film, culinary, and music.

  • Funds for the first round of grants are anticipated to be awarded this fall.
  • The next round of applications will also be available this fall with an application deadline TBD.
  • Applications received after July 1 will be considered in the Fall funds release.
Frequently Asked Questions

Committee Membership

Per Spokane Municipal Code Section 04.30.020 The committee consists of seven members nominated by the mayor and appointed by the city council.

Members Representing
Council Member Zack Zappone, Chair Spokane City Council
Rose Noble Tourism Representative
Ginger Ewing Tourism Representative
Rowena Pineda Tourism Representative
Jon Erickson Hotel/Motel Representative
Cami Aguayo Hotel/Motel Representative
Matt Jensen Hotel/Motel Representative



Zack Zappone
City Council Member