Sustainable Resources

Make sustainable financial decisions that support strategic goals, deliver excellent customer service, and contribute to economic prosperity

2-Year Action Plan

  • PRIORITY: Grow a 21st Century workforce

6-Year Plan

  • Develop and implement human and financial management practices that are: sustainable; transparent; efficient; and accountable.


Under the Sustainable Resources Initiative, City officials have focused on important issues to protect and use City data and technology, improve financial stability, and support a 21st Century Workforce. Opening up City data to allow for innovative, urban solutions to problems has been balanced with work to enhance cyber security and resiliency of City operations. Continuous improvement and project management teams are working to improve efficiencies across the City. And, a focus on recruitment and training is investing in our workforce. The City has also established a new supported employment program to provide job opportunities for certain individuals with developmental disabilities.

Contact Information

Safe and Healthy
Chair: Councilmember Lori Kinnear
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: City Administrator Theresa Sanders

Urban Experience
Chair: Council President Ben Stuckart
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Karen Stratton
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley

Innovative Infrastructure
Chair: Councilmember Breean Beggs
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Mike Fagan
Administrative Lead: Scott Simmons, Public Works Director

Sustainable Resources
Chair: Councilmember Candace Mumm
Vice-Chair: Councilmember Kate Burke
Administrative Lead: Chief Financial Officer Gavin Cooley