Two Kayakers Rescued From Spokane River

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Monday, July 19, 2021 at 11:02 a.m.

Friday, July 16, the Spokane Fire Department rescued two adults from jeopardy while recreating ins the Spokane River. Two community members were in the Spokane River near Downriver Golf Course when their inner-tube struck a rock and ejected them into the river. Witnesses called 911 after hearing the victims calling for help and eventually spotting them clinging to a rock in the center of the river. The SFD deployed a water rescue task force inclusive of resources from the Spokane Valley Fire Department to access the victims in swift water using kayaks and special equipment. The SFD's technical rescue team hoisted both victims to safety due to the rugged terrain and dangerous slope. The two victims were safely removed and met by SFD Paramedics for medical evaluation. Neither victim required extensive medical treatment. 

Fortunately, both victims wore life vests and physically maintained a connection to mid-channel rocks until help arrived. Unfortunately, not all victims are this fortunate, and many incidents do not end this well. Remember to take a few basic simple safety guidelines:

  • Plan a trip within your capabilities
  • Research local hazards and weather
  • Create and share a float plan
  • Bring essential safety gear
  • Dress for immersion
  • Don't go solo
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