Mayor announces local jobs initiative

Aims to build deeper, more qualified workforce

Brian Coddington, Communications Director, 509.625.6740

Monday, January 5, 2015 at 11:16 a.m.

Spokane Mayor David Condon announced a plan today to build a deeper, more qualified local construction workforce as the city prepares to take on the most significant list of public works projects ever.

Over the next few months, a broad stakeholder group will discuss how to best prepare workers for construction careers, which help improve the median household income in Spokane. The group will define local labor utilization goals to recruit, train and employ a broad cross-section of local community members.

“The plan builds depth in our construction workforce and puts people to work locally,” Condon said.

Discussions will focus on what role hiring city residents, veterans, youth, women, minorities and others should play in strengthening the community’s workforce as the City undertakes $500 million in public works improvements over the next five years. The jobs plan builds on the apprenticeship ordinance passed by the City Council last month. The conversation will also explore additional methods to meet the objective of a well-trained construction workforce.

“This is an opportunity to create the training and experience that will help assure a workforce is available in sufficient numbers for future construction of public works projects,” Condon said.