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City Releases 2021 Water Quality Report

Kirstin Davis - (509) 625-7773

Friday, June 10, 2022 at 4:22 p.m.

The City of Spokane today is releasing its required annual report on the quality of drinking water provided by the City’s Water Department. For 2021, as in previous years, the City met or exceeded all federal and state drinking water standards.

“The City is committed to providing safe, clean drinking water to our customers at an affordable price,” says Marlene Feist, the City’s Director of Public Works. “We are continuing to focus on water conservation efforts, reducing leaks and protecting water quality.”

The City’s Water Quality Report for 2021 is available on the City’s web site. Community members may request a mailed copy by calling the Water Department at (509) 625-7800 and providing an address.

Preventing Contamination

The Water Department is adding security measures to its fire hydrants to ensure protection of the City’s water supply. Hydrant locks will be installed in the West Plains area this month, east of the Spokane International Airport and south of Sunset Blvd. The Spokane Fire Department and surrounding fire districts have the ability to access the hydrants for emergency response.

The City intends to add locks to 7,500 fire hydrants by the end of 2023 as additional bulk water filling stations are built. In lieu of fire hydrant access, contractors and residents can access water using the Garden Springs filling station located at 4821 W. Garden Springs Rd. to fill containers ranging from a 55-gallon barrel to a 5,000-gallon water truck. Customers can contact My Spokane 311 to register for an account and receive access codes.

A hydrant permit and backflow prevention cage will continue to be required to access the other fire hydrants in the water system. Fines exist for those who violate the Hydrant Permit Policy, and payment is required to compensate for any damage done to City equipment or infrastructure. The public should call the Water Department immediately at 509-625-7800 if they witness anyone tampering with a lock or using a hydrant without a backflow prevention cage.

Conservation Efforts

In addition to basic information about water quality, the annual Water Quality Report also provides information on efforts to reduce water use, particularly during the peak irrigation season in the summer. City Council recently approved an ordinance requiring residents and businesses to adopt an every other day, “odd/even” watering schedule to help protect water resources, maintain affordable water rates, support landscaping health, and reduce the need for costly water system expansions over time.

The Washington Department of Ecology has issued a drought advisory for much of the state, including the Spokane area, making wise water choices even more important. To assist customers with water-saving efforts, the City has a variety of rebates available for water-efficient equipment upgrades and a turf replacement program called SpokaneScape.

Beneath our City streets is a network of water pipes that delivers water from the City’s wells to some 80,000 homes and businesses within the current water service area. The City maintains more than 1,000 miles of water mains and smaller water lines.

The City of Spokane operates the third largest water system in the state of Washington. Only Seattle and Tacoma have larger systems.