Jackie Caro

Call for 2014 Traffic Calming Applications

Jackie Caro, Community Programs Coordinator, No Phone Number Available

Friday, February 14, 2014 at 5:15 p.m.

Call for 2014 Traffic Calming Applications

Each year, the Neighborhood Councils can submit two applications for traffic calming measures in their neighborhood. The process is competitive and funding limited; currently each City Council District receives $100,000 to spend on these projects. Applications go through a traffic analysis by the City's Traffic Operations Department. Recipients are chosen by the City Council. Applications are due to jcaro@spokanecity.org by Mar. 10, 2014.

More information on applicable projects is available in the Traffic Calming Toolbox (PDF 2.6 MB).

Program Background

The Traffic Calming Program began in 2010 with funding from Photo Red Light Camera tickets. Initial cameras were installed in 2008 and now total 10. Ticket money goes to the Traffic Calming Program.

What is Traffic Calming?

According to the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), traffic calming is “the combination of mainly physical measures that reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for non-motorized street users.”

By design, traffic calming is a self-enforcing traffic management approach that forces motorists to alter their speed or direction of travel. Traffic calming improves safety, especially for pedestrians and bicyclists, and the environment or “livability” of streets for residents and visitors. Decreasing volume and/or reducing speed greatly diminishes the number and severity of accidents.

Objectives of Traffic Calming
  • Slow vehicular travel speeds
  • Reduce frequency and severity of collisions
  • Reduce the need for police enforcement
  • Enhance the street environment
  • Reduce cut-through motor vehicle travel patterns
  • Increase safety for non-motorized street users
  • Increase access for all modes


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