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Help your neighborhood beautify Spokane

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 11:16 a.m.

Help your neighborhood beautify Spokane

The Forest Spokane Initiative would like to announce the Greening Neighborhoods Grant Program. The grant program is an effort to 'green' and beautify neighborhoods by empowering neighborhood councils, schools, businesses, non-profits, churches and others to apply for a Greening Neighborhood Grant through their Neighborhood Council.

All approved Greening Neighborhoods grant projects must include a project design that aims to plant trees, shrubs, grasses and other native perennials through a neighborhood volunteering event.

All approved greening projects will be entered into the Greening Neighborhoods Contest and Award. Each project will be evaluated under three criteria:

  • Volunteerism: Creating a unique volunteering event that highlights neighborhood participation and project completion.

  • Impact: Projects with the greatest impact to the neighborhood community.

  • Green Infrastructure: The project that implements the most sustainable project design that includes a robust variety of trees and other native vegetation. Sustainable designs include a functional maintenance plan.

To be a Greening Neighborhoods Contest and Award winner all projects will be evaluated in a two-step process:

  • Step 1: All projects will be reviewed and evaluated under the three criteria by the Community Assembly. The Community Assembly will identify the top three projects which will be presented to the Mayor as a recommendation for the winning project.

  • Step 2: The Mayor will choose the winning neighborhood project. The Mayor will present the Greening Neighborhoods Contest and Award winner a Greening Neighborhoods Award Certificate and a check for up to an additional $5,000 in funding to be used for a second greening project.

Only Neighborhood Councils are eligible to win the contest and the award. The funding is at the neighborhood's discretion and must be used for an additional greening project.

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