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Construction on High Drive is set to begin

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Thursday, July 17, 2014 at 1:54 p.m.

Construction on High Drive is set to begin

The 2014 Construction Season is underway and High Drive is one of the bigger projects happening this year. Designing this project has been a key focus of one of the City's design teams. It has also been of interest to many South Hill residents.

The project is designed to make the High Drive area more pedestrian-friendly with bike paths and sidewalks. The improvements will not only add aesthetically pleasing qualities but also functionality to this well-travelled area.

Phase One of this project, 29th Avenue to Bernard Street, has been awarded to WM Winkler. Construction will begin Monday, July 28. Phase Two, Bernard Street to Scott Street, is under design currently for the 2015 construction season.

Construction will begin on July 28 with both road and landscaping work. The intersection of 29th and High Drive is expected to remain open until September before construction begins in that area.

Phase One construction includes:

  • Eliminating the buffer between the roadway and new paved path
  • Narrowing the paved path to two to six feet in width, allowing a "natural buffer" of three to four feet between the path and the edge of the bluff
  • Swales designed with five-to-six- feet horizontal to one-foot vertical side slopes for appearance and ease of maintenance. These are very gentle slopes.
  • 11-foot travel lanes
  • Five-foot bike lanes on each side
  • Curb and swales on the median side
  • Curb and five-to-six-foot paved path on the bluff side

Where there is sufficient room, the curb and path will move out and parking will be added adjacent to the bicycle lane. In this case, the bicycle lane will be striped as a six-foot bike lane and the parking section will be seven feet.

Where there is no parking, the path will be adjacent to the bike lane but will be separated by a curb, similar to a sidewalk. Where there is parking, it will be between the bike lane and the curb/path.

For complete descriptions of the Phase One plan, Option 4, visit the High Drive project page.


The bid for this project was awarded to Wm Winkler Company at $1,793,424.65.

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