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City Council reboots United Native Americans of Spokane PDA

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Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 11:54 a.m.

City Council reboots United Native Americans of Spokane PDA

Spokane's Native American community serves as a major partner in cleaning up the Spokane River

On Monday, the Spokane City Council adopted a new charter for the United Native Americans of Spokane Public Development Authority (PDA). The renewed interest in this public development authority has been led by several community members including recent Inlander Peirone Prize winner Randy Ramos, a member of the Colville Tribe and attorney Brian McClatchey.

The PDA, which is open to residents of Spokane only, is charged with improving general conditions of the city through administering Federal grants, performing community service, and to provide municipal services as directed by the Spokane City Council. Reviving this PDA could not come at a better time. Spokane's Native American community, and in particular the Spokane Tribe, continue to lead and serve as a major partner to the City on a wide variety of things, most notably cleaning up the Spokane River. You can learn more about the Integrated Clean Water Plan here on the City's website.

The city is currently accepting applications for the United Native Public Development Authority.

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