Marlene Feist

Fix-It-Fest 2017 tackles street repair needs

Marlene Feist, Director of Strategic Development, Public Works & Utilities, No Phone Number Available

Friday, May 26, 2017 at 9:07 a.m.

With freeze-thaw cycles and seemingly unending rain, Mother Nature brought us big doses of potholes and other street damage this year. With a goal of improving the safety and drivability of our streets, the City of Spokane Street Department is bringing us Fix-It-Fest 2017.

This $1 million infusion in arterial street maintenance will use a variety of techniques to improve some of the most-damaged streets around the City.

Fix-It-Fest 2017 includes:

  • 5.2 miles of grind and overlay projects on arterials that were already planned for 2017.
  • 8.8 miles of new work using a variety of techniques to improve arterial street conditions.

We did postpone 1.75 miles of less critical grind and overlay work to make all of this happen.

Our Street Director Gary Kaesemeyer made some important points when we announced this program:

  • We are continuing our efforts to be innovative. We’re using a variety of techniques for our added work. We’ll do basic grind and overlay projects, but we’ll also do a few thin overlay projects to hold over streets that are planned for 2018 reconstruction. We’ll also try a chip-seal repair, which we use successfully on residential streets, on a couple of lower-volume arterials.
  • We picked new projects based mostly on what we heard out in the community. The north side was hit harder with damage so you will see more of this work happening on north side arterials.
  • We have the money to do this. Good pricing on major projects and successful grant writing by other city teams have given us the funds to proceed with this plan.  And, all our work is supported by the Street Levy passed by voters in 2014.
  • We will make pothole repairs on streets not on the Fix-It-Fest list. And, we’ll do a bunch of crack sealing too.

Streets remain a top priority for our citizens. We won’t address all street concerns in one year, but Fix-It-Fest 2017 certainly will help.

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