Nathan Gwinn

New Test Map Shows Citizens Growth Potential

Nathan Gwinn, Assistant Planner, Planning & Development Services, 509.625.6893

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 4:33 p.m.

New Test Map Shows Citizens Growth Potential

The City of Spokane invites citizens to try out a beta version of a Development Factors map application to improve predictions as the community evolves.  The map app displays information about where new building activity might be likely near shopping destinations and other popular locations.

The mapping tool can help residents of all ages respond to changing housing needs and options in desired places within their own neighborhood. Creating more housing on vacant lots throughout the city promises to increase housing availability in Spokane and help keep housing costs and public and private expenses in check.

Development Factors Map Screenshots

This tool could also help people anticipate locations of potential development in a neighborhood or property in areas designated for economic incentives.  Please tell us how we can improve this tool by following the instructions below.

  1. To get started, please see the Visual Searching section on page 5, and Development Factors Layers Descriptions on page 18 of the tutorial.
  2. Open the map and zoom in by searching an address or using the +/- buttons on the screen to show all layers in the layer list (it must be zoomed in at least four times to show all layers). Then explore by turning the items in the layer list off and on.  The layer “Parcels w/ Development Potential” highlights parcels matching the criteria described in the tutorial.
  3. We encourage you to provide your feedback on the map and its features by filling out the short survey before Saturday, September 30. Please indicate who should be notified about this product, and tell us how the City can best improve access to this and other public resources in the comment section below. You may also send comments or schedule a demonstration with Nathan Gwinn, or Omar Akkari,

This map is a work in progress following recommendations from the City’s Infill Development Steering Committee and Mayor’s Housing Quality Task Force in 2016.  The map shows areas with incentives in place for development and where development might be likely. For more information about these efforts, please visit the project pages listed below.

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