SIRR Update to Holyk

Ofc. Teresa Fuller

Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 3:33 p.m.

The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office and the Spokane Investigative Regional Response (SIRR) Team investigators have reopened the investigation into the incident that occurred May 23, 2014 at Sprague and Vista in Spokane Valley involving Sheriff’s Deputy Joe Bodman and bicyclist Ryan Holyk.

After conducting their investigation, the SIRR Team sent their findings to a nationally recognized expert, Grant Fredricks, and then to Washington State Patrol’s top collision reconstruction team for further review. Additionally, law enforcement officials contracted another outside firm, Dr. Jarrod Carter with Origin in Liberty Lake, to take another look into this case. As with the other two experts, Dr. Carter initially concurred with the original investigation by SIRR, however upon reexamination Dr. Carter has changed his opinion. Dr. Carter states he continues to agree with the opinions of all investigators’ conclusions in this case, but now believes Deputy Bodman’s vehicle did strike Holyk. As a result of this new finding by Dr. Carter, the SIRR Team investigators are reopening this investigation.

As in all cases, the SIRR Team is committed to thorough and transparent investigations. The Team will exhaust all resources necessary, including outside experts, to ensure all facts are brought forward and the case is complete for submission to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The SIRR Team is comprised of multiple agencies in Eastern Washington, including the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office, Washington State Patrol and Spokane Police Department.

For more information on Grant Fredricks or Dr. Jarrod Carter, visit their websites at Forensic Video Solutions or Origin.

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