School Starts Tomorrow; Twenty is Plenty

Ofc. Teresa Fuller

Monday, August 29, 2016 at 1:48 p.m.

With the start of the new year for Spokane Public Schools tomorrow, the Spokane Police Department is reminding drivers that “20 is Plenty” in school zones. We’re also asking parents to remind their children about the rules of the roads whether they're walking or riding their bike to school.

The Spokane Police Traffic Unit will be out in full force tomorrow making sure drivers obey the 20mph school speed zones. The risk to a pedestrian increases dramatically as speeds increase; at 20mph a pedestrian has about a 5% chance of being killed in a crash, but at 40mph, that risk jumps to around 90%. Kids headed to school tomorrow will be excited and likely a little distracted, so it’s important for drivers to pay extra close attention to help keep them safe.

Parents, please remind your kids about the rules of the road and how to get to and from school safely:

  • Cross the road at cross walks
  • Wear their helmet if they’re riding their bike, scooter or skateboard to school
  • Make sure they are wearing visible clothing especially as the daylight hours start to shrink
  • Use the buddy system; walk with a friend or group of neighborhood buddies since there is safety in numbers.

The two school zones cameras a Finch and Longfellow Elementary Schools will also be back up and running. The fine amount is $234 for a vehicle exceeding the 20 mph school speed limit by 6 to 10 mph. Fine amounts increase thereafter on a graduated scale depending upon the violation speed. Cameras will operate during school hours when the school beacons are flashing to capture images of vehicles exceeding the school zone speed limit. Signs have been installed to provide warning of the school zone safety cameras.This YouTube Link is a PSA released in January by City of Spokane and American Traffic Solutions about the school zone cameras.

Let’s all keep safety as our top priority to provide a great school year for our children!

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