Officer Pulls Woman from Burning Car

Cpl. Teresa Fuller

Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 5:38 p.m.

A Spokane Police Officer is credited with saving a woman’s life after pulling her from her burning vehicle on Spokane’s north side. When the officer arrived on scene, the car’s passenger compartment was filled with smoke. The officer had to break the window out and, with the help of a neighbor, assist the woman through it in order to get her out of the burning car.

Last night, January 20, 2017, just before 10:00pm, a female called 911 from the 6100 block of north Cannon reporting she was trapped in her burning vehicle. She advised she was trying to kick the windows out but couldn’t. The call, although a fire call, was also broadcast on police channels and multiple officers from both City and County responded.

Ofc. Tim Schwering was the first to arrive on scene, just before fire crews. He managed to break a hole in the window with his baton, but was unable to unlock the door. He was forced to reach in and pull the entire driver’s side window out, then assist the victim by having her climb out that window. A neighbor from a nearby house also assisted in the rescue efforts.

Once fire crews arrived on scene, they found the engine compartment fully involved with fire, fire venting to both wheel wells. The grille shell and bumper had melted away and were effectively burning puddles beneath vehicle. It’s unclear at this time what the cause of the car fire was.

Ofc. Schwering was treated and released from a local hospital for symptoms related to smoke inhalation. The victim of the vehicle fire was treated and released at the scene and the neighbor that assisted received a minor cut from the broken driver’s side window.

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