Pursuit Throughout Spokane County

Cpl. Ronald Van Tassel

Saturday, June 8, 2019 at 10:33 a.m.

On Friday night Spokane Police Officers, Air 1, Washington State Patrol and Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies were all involved in a pursuit with stolen vehicle which covered a large portion of Spokane. The incident lasted over 30 minutes before the suspect crashed his vehicle. Officers and Deputies used a K-9 dog to track for the suspect, who was eventually found hiding in a tree and taken into custody.

On June 7, 2019 a Spokane Officer had attempted to stop a stolen vehicle in the Garland district. The vehicle fled the traffic stop and due to safety concerns to the public, Officers did not pursue. The suspect (26 year old Miquel Roque) continued to drive in the area in a reckless manner. He continued to pass by Officers in the area, who were trying to lay spike strips out to stop him. Roque continued to drive recklessly, running stop signs and red lights and driving into oncoming traffic. Air 1 was in the area and located the vehicle.

Air 1 continued to follow the vehicle west on Government way. The vehicle went south on Highway 195 to Hatch, then back north up the hill and then all over the south hill. Air 1 had to discontinue for a short time to refuel. Roque had reached speeds over 100 MPH on the south hill and Officers lost sight of the vehicle. A couple citizens flagged down Officers along the way and gave directions that Roque had traveled. The car would also pass by Officers in the area, but was traveling at such a high speed that Officers were not able to keep up or keep him in sight.

Sometime had passed by and WSP located the vehicle traveling east on Broadway at Park. They attempted to stop Roque, but again due to his speeds Troopers lost sight of him. Spokane Valley Deputies also located the vehicle and pursued it until the area of Broadway and McDonald before losing sight. A short time later Air 1 was fueled up and ready to fly again. The helicopter unit was able to find the car, traveling at high speeds by the Spokane Valley Mall.

A short time later Roque crashed the car at Montgomery and Indiana and then fled on foot. He ran into the apartment complex at 2300 N Wilbur. Deputies set a perimeter around the complex. During this time Roque broke into an apartment and was pleading with the people inside to hide him. The occupants were not willing to help Roque and he fled on foot again. The K-9 Officer was able to track Roque to a tree in the complex which he was hiding up in. He eventually came down and was taken into custody.

Roque said that he was just hiding from his girlfriend in the tree. However, an Officer was able to identify him as the driver. That, along with the fact the K-9 tracked Roque from the vehicle to that tree confirmed suspicions that he was the driver.

Roque had a felony warrant out of Idaho for Grand Theft. He was booked tonight for several counts of Eluding, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of Heroin, Burglary and was under suspicion of DUI.

From the time Officers first tried to pull Roque over to the time he crashed was just over 32 miles and lasted over 30 minutes. During this time Roque’s driving was very dangerous and placed many lives in jeopardy. During most of the incident Officers were not behind Roque actively pursuing him, yet he drove in this dangerous manner the entire time. He had gone into oncoming traffic and almost hit several cars.

If you were almost hit or put in danger by Roque during this incident we encourage you to call crime check at 456.2233 to report your incident for possible further charges on Roque. He was driving a purple Honda Civic and the incident started at just before 9pm. Reference report number 2019-20104348.

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