DUI Arrest During Separate Investigation

Ofc. Richie Plunkett, PIO

Monday, December 9, 2019 at 11:49 a.m.

On 12-8-19, at approximately 6:42 PM, Spokane Police Officers were conducting an investigation regarding a two vehicle collision at N Division St and E Magnesium Rd. During this time lane travel at this intersection was shut down and police patrol vehicles were blocking streets with their visibly active overhead red and blue lights on.

A male driver heading westbound on E Magnesium Rd bypassed two Spokane Police vehicles by driving around them and continued to head towards N Division St into the investigation scene. Another officer had to cut off the driver by pulling in front of him which almost led to a collision. Officers were finally able to safely stop the vehicle and detain the driver. Upon further investigation it was determined the male driver was intoxicated. Washington State Patrol was called to the scene to assist with the intoxicated driver and he was subsequently arrested for DUI.

The Spokane Police Department would like to remind everyone to please drive responsibly. If you are drinking, please do not drive. Please consider making alternative plans for getting to your destination if you plan to go out and drink. Your responsible choices can save lives. 

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