SPD arrests subject who tried to throw victim off Monroe St Bridge.

Cpl. N. Briggs #1177

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 1:01 a.m.

SPD arrests subject who tried to throw victim off Monroe St Bridge.

On 08-11-2020 shortly after 8PM, an SPD Corporal was on patrol in the area of the Monroe St Bridge. The Corporal spotted an obviously distraught adult male, and contacted him to ensure everything was okay. It was soon gleaned that an adult male suspect had attempted to throw the distraught citizen over the edge of the bridge. Officers were informed that the suspect, later identified as Vincent Petrushkin (34), approached the victim, asked for money, and after his request was not adequately met, promptly began trying to throw the victim from the bridge. The suspect hoisted the victim high enough that the victim’s waist was above the railing and he was “teetering” over the edge, according to witnesses. The victim managed to pull himself back to safety, and the suspect fled.

The relationship between the suspect and victim is still being ascertained, but initial information indicates they may have been familiar with each other if not acquaintances.

SPD patrol units flooded the area, with officers walking the terrain surrounding the bridge and along the river’s edge. Initially the suspect was not able to be found.

Around 9PM an alert graveyard patrol officer who was heading to an unrelated call in another area of town located a person matching the suspect description. The suspect, who was later identified as Petrushkin, initially ignored the officer but was quickly detained without incident. Multiple witnesses positively identified Petrushkin as the person who attempted to throw the victim from the bridge.

Due to Petrushkin’s actions, and the likely outcome had he been successful in jettisoning the victim from the bridge which would have resulted in a fall exceeding one hundred feet, Petrushkin was arrested and booked for attempted 2nd degree murder.

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