Explosive Disposal Unit renders device safe outside Sacred Heart

Corporal N. Briggs #1177

Friday, August 21, 2020 at 3:55 a.m.

Explosive Disposal Unit (Bomb Squad) renders device safe outside Sacred Heart Hospital


On 08-20-2020 a little before 7PM, Sacred Heart Security were alerted by a concerned citizen about a potential pipe bomb. The citizen had located the device in the area, and not knowing exactly what it was brought it to the location to seek help. Sacred Heart Security immediately recognized that the device was potentially dangerous and began cordoning off the area and keeping people a safe distance away.


SPD Patrol units arrived, establishing and maintaining a perimeter around the public ER entrance. The SPD Explosive Disposal Unit (Bomb Squad) was called to the scene and rendered the device safe. Initial inspection of the device showed that it did appear to be a relatively small pipe bomb. The device certainly could have injured a person had it detonated in close proximity to them, however, based on the size and type of explosive the hospital structure nor occupants inside were in danger.


The investigation into who made the device and why is ongoing.


If you ever discover a suspicious object, please do not manipulate it, call 911, and try and keep others out of the area before first responders arrive.


Incident 2020-20145311

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