Transit Supported Development – Text Amendment

Application/Permit Number: Z18-958COMP



City of Spokane


Citywide (Text Amendment)


This proposal would amend the Comprehensive Plan to include one new land use policy, Policy LU 4.6 Transit-Supported Development, in Chapter 3, Land Use, to encourage and support transit-supported development. Transit-supported development includes specific design measures that both support and take advantage of greater transit usage within the vicinity of high-performance transit routes in the City of Spokane. More information on high-performance transit and transit supported development is available in the Central City Line Strategic Overlay Plan.

This proposal is intended to amend the City’s land use policies in advance of the construction of the Central City Line and to give sufficient time for developers and neighbors to understand the impacts of the Central City Line and the new development options along the route.

The Spokane Plan Commission held a workshop regarding the proposed policy on July 24, 2019. During that workshop the Plan Commission unanimously approved a motion to amend the proposed policy text. The Plan Commission will consider the amended text for approval at the Plan Commission hearing, tentatively scheduled for September 11, 2019. Check here for updated information and confirmation of the hearing date.

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