2024 Summer Camp Payment Plans

New this year, Spokane Parks and Recreation will be offering a payment plan with an automatic payment schedule and monthly withdrawals from a card/account you choose to keep on file. Based on the payment schedule you select, a percentage of the total camp cost will be charged to you at the time of registration, and the remaining camp balance will be divided into equal payments based on when you register, with the final payment due date of June 1 for all June Camps, and July 1 for all July & August Camps. For all camp registrations there is a $50 non-refundable deposit that is included in your registration fee.

Payment Plan registrations can ONLY be done over the phone or in person – at this time there are no online registration options for setting up a payment plan. At the start of summer camp registration, March 20, 2024, at 8 a.m., customers can call 311 or 509.755.2489 or walk into City Hall in person to register for the camp(s) they are interested in.

Payment Schedule

June Camps

Initial Registration Date Payment Schedule
March 20-31 (25%) April 1 (25%) May 1 (25%) Final: June 1 (25%)
April (33%) May 1 (33%) Final: June 1 (33%)

July & August Camps

Initial Registration Date Payment Schedule
March 20-31 (20%) April 1 (20%) May 1 (20%) June 1 (20%) Final: July 1 (20%)
April (25%) May 1 (25%) June 1 (25%) Final: July 1 (25%)
May (33%) June 1 (33%) Final: July 1 (33%)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw my child from camp and receive a full refund?

No, once you register for a camp, whether you are on a payment plan or pay in full, requesting to withdraw at any point after registration will be subject to a $50 non-refundable deposit, per child per camp. You must withdraw your child from camp at least 14 business days (Mon. – Fri.) excluding holidays prior to the start of camp to receive a partial refund. No refund will be available if you withdraw your child within 2 weeks of the start of camp.

Is my credit card number kept on file and secure?

Yes, payment information will be saved during the secured checkout payment process. Your card is then secured in an encrypted file and saved in order to create a payment account for your remaining payments.

What happens if an automatic withdrawal is unsuccessful?

If a payment is not successfully withdrawn, the account holder will be contacted via email or phone and will be given 2 business days to pay the balance of that payment at that time or camper(s) will be withdrawn, and a refund will be processed less the $50 deposit.

How can I update my debit/credit card information?

You are responsible for keeping all debit/credit card information up to date. You will be able to edit or update credit card information by logging into your CivicRec account and under the Account Actions section select Cards On File, when you can edit your debit/credit card information or you can call MySpokane at 509.755.2489 and they can assist in updating your card information.

Will I receive a reminder prior to the payment being automatically withdrawn?

Yes. Each payment is due the 1st of each month after initial registration. An email reminder will be sent out 10 days prior to the automatic payment withdrawal date to the email address on file for the primary account holders.

If I paid in full, can I go back and schedule a payment plan?

No, payment plans must be established during the initial registration.

Can I use scholarship funds towards the payment plan?

Yes, if you have applied and your child qualifies for a scholarship you can apply scholarship money towards the initial payment or the remaining balance of a camp when setting up a payment plan. You will need to call 509.755.2489 to have scholarship funds applied.

If I transfer from one camp to another, does my payment plan also transfer?

Yes, if you transfer more than 14 business days prior to the start of the camp. Your payment plan and pricing may change based on camp dates and the camp you transfer into.

Can I select my payment due date?

No, all payment plans will have recurring payments happen on the 1st of each month after initial registration at this time we are unable to select a different due date.