NOTICE: Many of our programs between now and Dec. 14 are cancelled in alignment with updated guidelines. Visit to see available opportunities including virtual options and upcoming winter activities. Read more.

Wellness & Enrichment

Wellness & Enrichment

Find personal enrichment, self-improvement and skill-building through Spokane Parks and Recreation's Wellness & Enrichment programs. Explore new and exciting interests while discovering your hidden talents with our affordable programs for all ages and abilities. Classes are designed to challenge you mentally and physically in a fun way. Take a class to meet people or sign up with a friend or family member for a unique shared experience.

Virtual CSI Course


In this week long class for ages 12-17, a real law enforcement Detective teaches the principles and techniques involved in solving a missing persons case! Create and examine blood splatter patterns, recover fingerprints, analyze handwriting and experiment with chromatography, and much more. The cost of the class includes a SWAG filled CSI Lab Kit to conduct the labs!

Virtual Murder Mystery Parties

Ages 16+ This is the mystery event everyone is virtually dying to attend! This Zoom mystery party is very similar to an in-person murder mystery party: a night of intrigue, murder, investigation, and laughing. Lots of laughing. Invite your friends and family, or join a group of complete strangers, in an unforgettable evening hosted by our Professional Mystery Detective, who will guide you and the other guests through solving a perplexing crime.

This One Last Time: 2/14/21, 5-7 PM, $49

Midnight At The Masquerade: 3/18/21, 6-8 PM, $49

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