NOTICE: All programs will meet guidelines in place at the time of the program, or they will be rescheduled/cancelled. Visit to see available opportunities including virtual options. Read more.

Wellness & Enrichment

Wellness & Enrichment

Find personal enrichment, self-improvement and skill-building through Spokane Parks and Recreation's Wellness & Enrichment programs. Explore new and exciting interests while discovering your hidden talents with our affordable programs for all ages and abilities. Classes are designed to challenge you mentally and physically in a fun way. Take a class to meet people or sign up with a friend or family member for a unique shared experience.


Virtual Yoga

Virtual Yoga classes are now available for continuing and new yoga students to practice yoga in the comfort of home but with the guidance and motivation of being in this virtual class. Strengthen, stretch and release muscle tensions while settling into a relaxed and peaceful mental state. Instructor, Robin Marks, was one of the early pioneers who first brought yoga to Spokane! Classes include: Yoga Basics, Chair Yoga, Gentle Stretch, and Deep Stretch Yoga.

Spokane Stroll & Roll Challenge

This spring, explore your city in a wellness challenge for all types of lifestyle and levels of fitness. Whether you stroll or roll the 1-mile “Trolley Trail Trek” or follow the Centennial Trail from one side of Spokane to the other in the 15-mile "City Limit Stride", every mile counts! Choose from a variety of preset routes that take you through the City of Spokane’s amazing parks system. Report your accomplishments at the end of each route to be featured on the Spokane City Stroll & Roll Virtual Wall of Fame and see how you stack up to other participants.

Participants are required to download a free app and create an account to access the routes and record their accomplishments. All participants will receive a unique celebratory “I Love Parks” patch designed by artist Chris Bovey! Registration Opens October 15 and the Challenge ends on 12/31. For more information please email Adriano Eva at $15


eSports Youth Leagues

12 Weeks | Ages 9-14yrs. Join our youth eSports (competitive gaming) league this winter! All skill levels are welcome! Level up your game with our expert coaching and player development curriculum — all in a safe, moderated environment that makes gaming fun! The program includes 2 practices a week and a round of competition on Saturdays, along with fun gamer community events! Register online. *Signup code:SPOR224. $180

Rocket League

"Soccer with cars", is a sports-based video game that involves two teams. Players use rocket powered cars to score points (and defend) over the course of a match Practice Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs. 1/17 – 4/3 2:30 – 4pm or 4 – 5:30pm Games Sat. 1/17 – 4/3 11:30 – 12:30pm.

League of Legends

One of the most popular video games of all time. This is an exciting team-based strategy game where two teams of five powerful champions face off to destroy the other’s base. Practice Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs. 1/17 – 4/3 2:30 – 4pm or 4 – 5:30pm Games Sat. 1/17 – 4/3 1 – 3pm


A growing, action-packed team-based multiplayer game featuring 5v5 matches full of tactics and technical ability. Practice Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs. 1/17 – 4/3 2:30 – 4pm or 4 – 5:30pm Games Sat. 1/17 – 4/3 3:30 – 5:30pm


A survival game where 100 players play against each other in player vs player or team vs team combat to be the last one standing. Practice Mon./Wed. or Tues./Thurs. 1/17 – 4/3 2:30 – 4pm or 4 – 5:30pm Games Sat. 1/17 – 4/3 3:30 – 5:30pm

Virtual Murder Mystery!

1 Day | Ages 16+. This is the mystery event everyone is virtually dying to attend! This Zoom mystery party is very similar to an in-person murder mystery party: a night of intrigue, murder, investigation, and laughing. Lots of laughing. Invite your friends and family, or join a group of complete strangers, in an unforgettable evening hosted by our Professional Mystery Detective, who will guide you and the other guests through solving a perplexing crime. Virtual class. $49.

  • Murder on the Polar Express: Tues. 1/26 7 – 9pm
  • Midnight at the Masquerade: Wed. 2/23 7 – 9pm
  • This One Last Time: Wed. 3/16 7 – 9pm

C.S.I – S.T.E.M Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

5 Days | Ages 12-17yrs. | Sean Clancy In this class, S.T.E.M. principles are applied to solving a missing persons case, create and examine blood splatter patterns, recover fingerprints and classify them, analyze handwriting and experiment with chromatography, cast your own footprint, identify and unknown powder, make a magnifying glass, and much more! The cost of the class includes a CSI Lab Kit to conduct the labs brimming with SWAG. Virtual class. $99

  • 1/24 – 1/28 4 – 5:30pm
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