eCourt Portal

eCourt Portal is the web-based avenue offering portals to access all Spokane Municipal Court electronic case management systems to both locate case information and to facilitate payments of legal and financial obligations such as fines and restitution. It also offers electronic links to other Court resources and agencies. Visit the eCourt Portal “Home” page.

The nature and depth of information you can access when using ePortal link to eCourt will vary depending on whether you have obtained login credentials for the system and whether you are associated with a case as a party or as legal counsel of record for one of the parties.

To request login credentials for ePortal, you may complete a Request for eCourt Portal Login Permissions – Attorneys & Staff or Request for eCourt Portal Permissions - Defendants. An Account Creation & Login user guide is available to help you with the process.

The eCourt portal feature permits individuals to obtain various elements of case and courtroom docket information, including but not limited to:

The following user guides are available in the Training section of the ePortal to assist you in effectively using the various search methodologies.

The eCourt portal also permits individuals with ePortal login credentials and an active association with a given case identified in the system to eFile material directly into the eCourt electronic case file. An eFiling user’s guide is available to assist you with the eFile process.

Spokane Municipal Court Case Management Systems

The Spokane Municipal Court maintains three distinct electronic case management systems for managing its cases.

  • eCourt for managing:
    • All simple misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor criminal offenses.
    • Civil infractions for traffic, non-traffic, and code violations.
    • Civil matters related to the towing and/or impound of vehicles on public property.
    • Civil matters related to removal, adoption, and euthanasia of animals by animal control enforcement authorities.
  • The Aims Parking System for managing all parking infraction matters.
  • Verra Mobility Safety Enforcement System for managing all photo-enforcement infraction matters.

eFile Portals

eFiling Requires Case Association and Login
In order to eFile in a case, a filer must have login credentials and be an active case participant, such as a party or attorney of record. A written Notice of Appearance must be filed by any attorney seeking to represent a defendant in a Spokane Municipal Court case, as per SPMCrRLJ 4.1. Because an attorney filing a Notice of Appearance will not yet be associated with the case, all Notices of Appearance must be filed in person at the Clerk's window, by mail, or via email to the Court at MC NOA.

To request login credentials for eCourt Portal, you may complete a Request for eCourt Portal Login Permissions – Attorneys & Staff or Request for eCourt Portal Permissions - Defendants. An Account Creation & Login user guide is available to help you with the process.

ePay Portals

The ePortals provides access to pay your Spokane Municipal Court legal financial obligations.

External Links

The ePortal also provides external links that will transfer you to various websites and portals where you can obtain important information from Spokane municipal agencies.

Training & Support

The ePortal also provides Training and Support information for all ePortal users.  We are continually working to provide updates and new information for both of these services.

eFiling Requires Case Association and Login. Learn more.

Contact Information

Municipal Court Clerk's Office
1100 W Mallon Ave
Spokane, WA 99260

Audio Recordings

Most of the hearings held in Spokane Municipal Court are digitally recorded. To access the audio recording for a specific hearing:

  • Click on the Search Recordings link below.
  • Click on the filter icon
  • Under "Filter By Agency:" you must search City of Spokane, WA Municipal Court
  • Clink on the docket and the recording will begin playing.

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Bench Copies

To serve bench copies to a Judicial Officer please email:
Jeanine Sword
Judicial Administrative Assistant

Please ensure compliance with SPMCrRLJ 8.2(d).