Remote Appearances

Zoom Instruction and Protocol Sheet (2020-11-17) (PDF 119 KB)

Requests by the defendant to appear by video for any of the following hearings will not be authorized:

  • Bench Warrant Recall Motions
  • Pleas
  • Trials
  • Contested Infractions
  • DUI and DV arraignments

Video Appearance Links for Municipal Court Courtrooms

Courtroom A:
Courtroom B:
Courtroom C:


In response to the federal, state, and local declarations resulting from the rapidly progressing COVID-19 situation, the Spokane Municipal Court has issued orders terminating the Emergency Orders previously put in place:

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Contact Information

Municipal Court Clerk's Office
1100 W Mallon Ave
Spokane, WA 99260

Audio Recordings

Most of the hearings held in Spokane Municipal Court are digitally recorded. To access the audio recording for a specific hearing:

  • Click on the Search Recordings link below.
  • Click on the filter icon
  • Under "Filter By Agency:" you must search City of Spokane, WA Municipal Court
  • Clink on the docket and the recording will begin playing.

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Bench Copies

To serve bench copies to a Judicial Officer please email:
Jeanine Sword
Judicial Administrative Assistant

Please ensure compliance with SPMCrRLJ 8.2(d).