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City Seeking Assistance Developing Housing Options for Spokane

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Monday, August 22, 2016 at 2:03 p.m.

City Seeking Assistance Developing Housing Options for Spokane

Spokane was recently recognized by Infill Score as a friendlier city than others its size for Spokane’s range of housing choice. As preferences for a more diverse supply of housing and travel choices continue to increase, the City of Spokane recognizes that it must prepare to meet increasing demands for new forms of housing that implement goals and polices found in the City’s Comprehensive Plan. This is why the City has called upon a varied group of stakeholders representing local residents, non-profit organizations, housing financiers, for-profit developers and others to review the City’s current housing development tools. Committee members are further tasked with making recommendations on how the City might better respond to local desires for an expanding range of housing options and locations.

Meetings and discussion among the Infill Development Committee Members are intended to identify tools that will enable and promote quality development on vacant and underdeveloped parcels within developed areas of the city as well as within the City’s urban growth boundary. Recommendations and solutions advanced by taskforce members could range from changes in policy and code amendments to incentives and educational efforts to promote Spokane’s infill development opportunities.

While there is every expectation that traditional single-family homes will continue to be built; other options such as townhouses, cottages and backyard apartments are envisioned to be included in the local housing mix more often. A key element for the successful integration of new housing types in our existing neighborhoods is attention to design: Architectural patterns, orientation and other elements of design can ensure a compatible fit with nearby properties. The expectation is that well-designed buildings and streets will strengthen neighborhood character, contribute to maintenance of and reinvestment in neighboring properties, and support all modes of transportation. Transit, walking and bicycle trips will be encouraged in areas where services are readily accessible.

Ongoing dialogue with developers, neighborhood residents and other stakeholders regarding the successful weaving of new housing types into Spokane’s unique neighborhoods will assist in moving the community toward its longer-term housing goals and urban design principles.

In the short-term a new collection of information that clarifies applicable locations and construction types for housing options in Spokane has been developed. Please visit the Development Services Office or check out these new resources online. The City’s Development Services staff is experienced in application of these guidelines and available to answer questions. Also, check out the Infill Development project page.

An open house is scheduled for 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. August 30, 2016, to invite public feedback on the work that the committee has explored so far and to inform the committee’s recommendation. Look for updates following the open house regarding infill development events and upcoming opportunities to share your experiences and opinions of housing solutions and tools being recommended by infill development committee members.

You can also participate in an Online Survey by September 12, 2016.

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