Riverfront Park Bond: Request for Proposals for General Contractor

Monique Cotton, Director of Communication and Marketing, Spokane Parks & Recreation

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 at 9:23 a.m.

The City of Spokane Parks & Recreation Division will release the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GCCM) for Riverfront Park renovations. The RFP will request services related to construction management for the overall build-out in the revitalization of Riverfront Park.

The RFP for the GCCM will be released by the Parks and Recreation Division on or about June 10, 2015. The overall Riverfront Park upgrade consists of multiple individual projects which, collectively, will modernize and enhance Spokane Riverfront Park, as envisioned in a Master Plan adopted by the Spokane Park Board in June 2014.

The selected GCCM will work closely with the City and selected design teams during pre-construction to develop a detailed construction schedule, review proposed designs and their overall constructability, and produce detailed cost estimates prior to construction. At the completion of design, the selected GCCM will be responsible for managing the public and competitive bidding process related to all work to be constructed within the Park, and the management of all subcontractors during construction.

“The Park Board elected to use the GCCM alternative delivery method for construction largely due to the complexity of managing the redevelopment of a well-used, fully scheduled, urban park,” said Parks and Recreation Director, Leroy Eadie, “With one GCCM, we can more easily contain costs and coordinate construction timelines, scheduling, and access.”

The State of Washington requires all projects managed under a selected GCCM be put out for bid. The selected GCCM can bid on these projects, but can only self-perform up to 30% of the work overall.

“It was important to us to go with an option that allowed the use of as many local contractors and subcontractors as possible. We can do this through the GCCM alternative delivery method,” said Leroy Eadie.

The Parks and Recreation Division of the City of Spokane intends to enter into a construction contract for approximately $43.4 million. This amount includes the Maximum Allowable Construction Cost (MACC), Negotiated Support Services, Specified General Conditions, and a Fee but which amount excludes preconstruction services, contingency, and Washington State and local sales taxes. The majority of the construction is expected to be complete by the summer of 2019.